Sunday, 23 June 2013

Parklife Festival Pick

So I only just got my photos developed from Parklife festival last weekend at Manchester. The sun definitely had its hat on for the duration which was a bonus to the ace music line-up, company and atmosphere! 
I did notice that a lot of effort had gone into the set at Parklife, it was so scenic! Ferris wheel, giant bluebells, massive coloured flags, it was perfect! Wish this could be relived every weekend, was over too fast!
Here is my favourite festival pick that I wore.

Hearts & Bows Semi-See Through Paisley Print Top £12.99
eBay Tortoishell Sunglasses (old)
Vintage Belt
Primark Rucksack £9
Topshop Denim Shorts £34
New Look Leopard Print Flatforms £12.99

Good sunglasses are such an essential for festivals (although are extremely susceptible to being broken, at Reading last year I managed to break THREE pairs!) This tortoiseshell style has served me well. I opted for a sensible footwear option with the comfy flatforms, I would have loved to have wellied-it but I didn't think it acceptable in sunny weather and would've looked a bit of a twat.

Wish I could afford to go to another festival this year but student life has bled me dry of money.


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Your comment of wellies made me laugh and totally!! Hollie x

    1. Hahah:) Thank you for visiting my blog x

  2. Argh, festivals are so expensive. I couldn't make any this year because I'm just too broke! I love that paisley top, though, it really would be perfect - if not for festivals, just for summer!

    1. I know, wish they were as cheap as they were back in the day! I agree, my favourite purchase for summer by far and only 12 pounds from ark!

      Thank you very much for visiting my blog:)x