Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Insta June!

          Parklife Festival                   //         Pangaea 'Summer of Love'           //         DIY'in (watch this space)
          Reuniting with friends           //              Bargain H&M Co-ord                 //           Pangaea 'Summer of Love'
Manc being extraordinarily sunny      //               Parklife Festival            //                         Sheer Daisy OOTD
       Enjoying Manchester Sun          //            Little Mermaid Leggings            //         A rainy bike ride to Pitsford

June has definitely been my favourite month this year with finishing exams, quitting my job, Parklife, Pangaea, celebrating, saying goodbye to Manchester for second year and reuniting with friends!
Although since I've been home I have felt dead useless without a job I am just enjoying just dossing around having a well earned break. So looking forward to my final two months in the UK before I jet off to Hong Kong for a study abroad year, I am so unprepared though all I have done is book flights!
Has anyone got any exciting plans for summer? Hope end of term isn't too painful if anyone's still studying or working! x

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  1. oh my god those Little Mermaid leggings!! haha those are just amazing. and that's SO amazing you're going to Hong Kong for a year, I'm just teaming with jealousy right now. You better blog about it :)

    xo marlen
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