Saturday, 29 March 2014

Sacré Bleu! Paris Lookbook & Travels Feb '14

Day 1 - Premiére Vision

Just over a month ago now I jetted off to the ever beautiful Paris for a uni trip (10% Uni, 90% Cheeky getaway. The purpose of the trip was to attend Premiére Vision which is a world renowned trade show where yarn, colour, fabric and garment trend forecasts are showcased. Spring Summer 2015 was the season that they were focusing on, the main thing that seemed to define the season was lots of yellow! Bright, in your face yellow (which I have a slight vendetta against) Buyers and suppliers from all around the world liaise at Premiére Vision and deals are sealed for the future season. It was such a great experience to be able to attend such a paramount stage in the fashion cycle.

Day 2 - Oriental Chic

Now for the main bulk of the trip! On the first day I wore my beloved River Island oriental-esque printed boxy top which I've definitely worn one too many a time since buying it. I paired it with an essential jersey midi skirt and my favourite H&M coat. Trotting around and being a general tourist only warrants a trusty pair of trainers which slightly detracts from the chic Parisian style but 'substance over style' and all that!

I can't believe how much we managed to pack into the two remaining days after spending the best part of an entire day at Premiére Vision the previous day. The first port of call on our Paris adventure was, of course, the Eiffel tower which we were really lucky to catch in all it's glory with the sun beaming in the morning (but still v cold!). After snapping the best part of a hundred Eiffel tower snaps, we took a tour bus to see all the main sights of Paris and got off at the Arc de Triumphe. We then proceeded to saunter down the Champs Elysées and pack in a cheeky bit of shopping where I bought a checked jumper from H&M (much less chic I know but worth it for the bag saying Champs Elysées). To round off the day, we headed back to the Eiffel tower to see it all lit up and take another hundred photos! For dinner we went to this lovely place not far from the tower, which wasn't badly priced either. Snail eating was a fundamental activity on the Paris checklist (When in Rome!) which was an experience, they were surprisingly enjoyable but I don't think I would eat them again. After heading back to the hotel we were all so shattered I think we must have been in bed by 10 but it was such a great day! We stayed in Bastille and a short walk away from Notre Dame.

Day 3 - Print Clash & Check Overload

On the final day of the trip I wore my new Champs Elysées jumper with a flourescent pink and blue printed dress underneath. I'm really loving this colour combination at the minute and have seen it cropping up a fair bit, saw a gorgeous pink and blue floral dress at Lily Lulu last night which reminded me of this. Finally a pastel-y tartan scarf to accessorize and take the edge off the bitter Paris weather and again I opted for my trusty trainers! In hindsight I'm not overly sure if this outfit works but at the time I thought it was acceptable.

Notre Dame was first on our list for the next day, the photos aren't as dramatic as the Eiffel tower ones due to the weather beinga bit grimmer, much to our disappointment but I guess it pairs with the eery nature of the cathedral which still looked stunning. As fashion students, we then headed to Sacre Coeur - home of Paris'  fabric shops and markets. It was lovely to see such gorgeous fabrics, I wish we could have bought some but a) my bank balance would not have thanked me and b) it would have been a mare to try and cram anymore into our cases! Whilst we were here we went to the Basilica of Sacre Coeur which is a gorgeously constructed catholic church. Tat/souvenir shopping was also an essential tourist activity which took up a good chunk of the day. Lastly we headed to Moulin Rouge, ticking off the last main landmark in Paris! In the evening we went to a gorgeous cocktail bar near where we were staying called Rotonde whose cocktails were amazing (but very dear but it was worth it). This was such a lovely end to the trip, I'm feeling all nostalgic writing this now but back to reality of coursework and exams!

I hope you're all well!


  1. I love your pastel tartan scarf! I hope you've had a wonderful time in Paris. Seems like you had seeing these lovely photograps :)

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  2. Thanks Sofie, me too I can't take it off! Yes it was ace thank you, got the travel blues now! x