Sunday, 19 January 2014

Post-Exam Cardiff Weekend

I finished my exams this week (well one exam, I got off lightly!) but all my friends/housemates in Manchester are still yet to finish next week. My friend from home invited myself and another really good friend to stay with her in Cardiff for a few days, so instead of twiddling my thumbs because I've not been rotad in at work either, I hopped on a gruelling 3 hour train to Wales!

As soon as I arrived we did a brief bit of shopping (mainly Primark) I was surprised at how small the Primark was in Cardiff actually, for a capital city! But they did have some good bargains and I bagged the pale blue jumper above for £5 down from £12, I adore the small rose sheer detailing on the top and I was surprised that there was angora content in this jumper as it's a notoriously luxury fibre. Although this jumper has already malted everywhere, I question the selling price of this because I think angora fibres come from rabbits.

Anyway, we went to a student night on Thursday evening where I wore a new Fashion Union cami that I bagged in the January sales, I can't remember how much for because it's now gone back up to full price! I love the sheer patterning on this top and have been after something similar for a while and am still on the look out for a dress in this style of fabric but I think this top's really versatile and can be adapted to wear day and night! I paired it with a navy disco skirt also from Fashion Union that I bought last summer and two pairs of tights for an extra bit of warmth. I always liked the disco pant trend but because I'm quite short, petite and not crazily skinny I definitely cannot pull off disco pants or shorts. Also, although this trend appears to have fizzled out, I still really like this skirt as it is understated but it does restrict your movement a lot!

Here are a few other snaps of the weekend, we decided not to go out again on the Friday night although some of my friends housemates were. We had a lovely girly evening, going swimming and out for dinner. We went to Chiquito's where I'd not been before but it was absolutely gorgeous, I would recommend it to anyone. Chiquito's is a Mexican restaurant and has 25% off for students, so I will definitely be returning!

If you're still in the midst of exams I wish you the best of luck, they'll be over before you know it!


  1. Beautiful top!!

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    Have a good week!

    1. Thank you, I will check out your blog now, thanks for visiting xx

  2. Just followed back on GFC and Bloglovin! :) I wish you a lot of success! xx
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    1. Thank you, I will have a look at your facebook page:)xx

  3. I still have one exam to go this Thursday. Seems like you celebrated the end of your exam(s) very well!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  4. Love this outfit!
    Katie x