Sunday, 27 October 2013

Back to Uni; Trials and Tribulations of Second Year!

I'm taken aback by how fast the first half of this term has gone so far! Five weeks into my second year studying Fashion and Textile Retailing at Manchester and I can't believe I'm almost halfway through my whole degree already, I definitely don't feel mature enough for responsibilities to start piling up ten-fold.
I've just got a big deadline out the way and have a week off to recuperate with my family (and work on another assignment and search/apply for placements) but I'm determined to factor in time for blogging more frequently!

I'm not one for a cliché but time really does fly when you're having fun, I thought second year would not measure up to first year and wanted to be a fresher forever but I couldn't be more wrong! In fact I think I'm enjoying second year more than last year despite the increase in workload. I've also started working at Sports Direct which means I have even less time on my hands.
Moving into a student house feels far more settled than halls, I also thought that I'd lose contact with people I'm not living with and not meet new friends as often but again this isn't the case!
Here is a sneak peak into my new room which is massive, we all picked rooms out of a hat and I got one of the biggest which I didn't really want to be honest but I don't think anyone did haha! I don't feel like my room is decorated enough compared to last year; plastering your walls with posters and photo's seems to be a student essential. Apologies for the horrendous photo quality!

To finish off here's a cute pic of my house girls (minus one). I bagged this dress for a fiver from which is an ace website, particularly for picking up cheap shoes which you can't go wrong with as a student.



  1. kasabian ftw <3
    love how you organised the photos and IKR BACK TO UNI D:

    1. Yesssss! Ah thanks, can't believe how fast time is going!x

  2. I'm glad to read that you are enjoying yourself! This is my last year at uni and unfortunately also my last year in my student house. I must say, I will be very sad when it's all over.
    Your room is huge, perfect to fit in your double bed :) Amazing, you have a poster of the Beatles, and I also like the photo collage for a personal touch.
    I actually can't believe that you bought that dress for only 5 pounds. It is incredibly beautiful, lovely colours and model! Seriously, it suits you amazingly well!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

    1. Ah too many responsibilities too soon, enjoy it while you can I really don't want uni to ever be over either!
      I know it's massive, ah thank you that's nice of you to say! Keep in touch xx