Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Trip to London ft Next Trousers

Last week a friend and a I went on quite a spur of the moment trip to London as my friend's friend had won VIP tickets to a club in London so essentially we only had to pay for train fares which was an offer I couldn't refuse! I've been meaning to write this post sooner but I've been suffering with woman flu (yes, apparantly men actually do get it worse!) 

I bought these lovely crepe trousers from the Next Sale for a bargain £7! I've been after some trousers in this style for ages so couldn't believe my luck at this price! I bought them in a long 8 so I could roll them up and think this makes a better shape with the trousers but then also gives me the option of wearing them long too. This has been my favourite purchase recently as they're so comfortable and flattering (contradictory to these photos which make me look smaller than ever but trust me!) I can see myself wearing these for formal occasions, workwear and nights out; they're so versatile! I definitely think I'll go to Next for trouser shopping in the future as the cut and tailoring is perfect which I think's really difficult to find in trousers!

I bought this top from River Island especially to go with the trousers and love the 80s feel to it! At a closer look there's leopards (I think!) integrated into the quirky leopard print which I love. I added some old wedges, new H&M necklace an a tan belt to finish off the outfit. I didn't want to dress up too much because we had to travel back in the morning so thought these Next trousers would be the perfect option!

The journey to London was quite eventful with delayed trains and coach transfers; especially with wine added to the mix! My friend wore a lovely white playsuit from Missguided with cut out detail which really suited her as she's far more tanned than I am! 

As you can see we didn't really manage to get any nice photos of the night, unfortunately but I thought I would do an outfit post about it anyway as we had such an ace time. My friend's friend that won the tickets who let's say isn't very short of cash kindly let us stay at the hotel suite he'd booked for the night which had a gorgeous view of the London skyline (which made waking up a whole lot easier! Never set foot in such a posh hotel in my life and probably never will again haha!) Disappointed that the photos don't do it justice but the sun was beaming and it was lovely!



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  2. Hey Alex! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog a few weeks ago, i've been on holiday so i'm super sorry for the late reply. Just been reading through your blog and it's absolutely fab - your trousers here were such a good buy! I loved the collar embroidery tutorial as well, deffo having a try at that at the weekend. Followed you back on bloglovin', thanks again and keep up the cuteness :-)x

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    1. No need to apologise! Thank you ever so much for your lovely reply! Aw love to see it if you do it:)x

  3. aaaa cute trousers !

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  4. It looks like you had a great time, I love going out in London!

    Corinne x

  5. great outfit http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/2013/08/my-wedding-dress.html

  6. lovely ootd. your top completes the whole look! x

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  7. What a beautiful outfit !