Monday, 22 July 2013

Handmade Jewellery Blog Sale

I made these bracelets and earrings last summer, painstakingly hand painting each skull bead but still haven't managed to flog them all after selling disappointingly on ASOS marketplace and eBay!
Prices include 2nd class postage; UK and paypal only please. If you wish  your item to be sent 1st class, an extra 50p will be added. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!
Email :
If anything interests you please specify what you would like, your paypal email address and address (don't worry I'm not going to keep your details, I just want to get rid of the jewellery)
Day of the Dead Skull Earrings £5
TURQUOISE -  6 Available
WHITE - 10 Available
PINK - 5 Available

Day of the Dead Skull Bracelets £3
One Size Fits All - Adjustable Fastening
WHITE - 5 Available
BLUE - 1 Available
1. WHITE 6 Spike £4 1 Available
2. WHITE 4 Spike £4 1 Available
3. WHITE 4 Spike Cross Bead £4.50 1 Available
4. WHITE Cross and Evil Eye £5 1 Available
5. TURQUOISE Cross £4.50 1 Available
6. PINK Cross and Evil Eye £5 1 Available

All bracelets are adjustable; one size fits all.
7. TURQUOISE Cross and Evil Eye £5 1 Available
8. WHITE Evil Eye £4 1 Available
9. TURQUOISE AND PINK 4 Spike £5 1 Available
10. WHITE Evil Eye 4 Spike £4.50 1 Available
11. PINK 6 Spike £4 1 Available

All bracelets are adjustable; one size fits all.

Thank you for looking


  1. These are so cool!the skulls are so intricately painted!!!

  2. These are wow! I can tell that they were painstaking to paint! I hope that you're cleared out of these soon!! Anything day of the dead is awesome :)

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    I will follow you back.