Sunday, 30 June 2013

Neon Green Crop Top - DIY Daisy Neckline

So I've only just warmed to the Neon Green trend (late on the scene I know!). I decided purchased a neon green/lime green crop top from Internacionale whilst job hunting, defeating the object of the trip but I couldn't resist at £10.99 and they do student discount too! 
I had a brainwave before wearing the top to spruce it up a bit by sewing an old floral headband on the neckline which I've not worn in forever! Here's my how to;
1. Find an old hairband! This daisy headband was a pound or so from Primark years ago! Or if you don't have one, buy a cheap one from Primark or eBay.
2. Cut the elastic off.
3. Use a plain top, new or spice up an old one!
4. Pin the hairband on in a desired format.
5/6. Use a needle and thread to secure in place and voila there you have it a cute-d up top. I also think it makes it look like I paid more for the top in the first place. This is so easy and quick to do, I'm going to see what other hairbands I can dig up!

Old primark Polka dot culottes and loads of rings!
Hope you like this post and have fun cutening-up your own tops!



  1. Love this DIY!Really sorry to bug you but how do you put your blog on bloglovin? Google reader shuts down tomorrow and we are stressing out!xx

    1. Thanks for your comment, you're not bugging me at all! Go to and follow the steps, it was quite easy to sign up:) you can get a badge from your profile on the site as well, hope this helps

      Alex x

  2. dopeeeeeeeeee. i'll have to try this,, I doubt it will com out wearable like yours! Great job

    1. Of course it will! Thanks for checking out my blog x