Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Wardrobe Update

With the impending approach of Christmas and student living over the past few months, this has unsurprisingly impacted on my wardrobe. I've finally finished first semester at uni last week and was more than glad to see the back of the reams of coursework that second year has brought. Maybe now I can dedicate some more time to my blog, I miss blogging and having the spare time to chat to other bloggers. I think a new years resolution is to make sure I blog more often like when I first started as I've definitely neglected it (feel like I've said this a million times but I will stick to it!)
A good place to catch up is with a wardrobe update, this post is based around my favourite purchases over the past month or two.

Romwe Retro Floral Short Padded Jacket // H&M Coat in a Wool Blend // ASOS Academy Boots in Black // H&M Bird Print Dress // Romwe Striped Check Long-Sleeved Green Jumper

Firstly, I've had my eyes on the Romwe Jacket for some time now and it's been featured in my 'Dreamy Autumn Prints' and 'Valentino S/S 14; Paris Fashion Week'. I finally succumbed to buying it when I stumbled across the Romwe Check Jumper which I also fell in love with as it possesses a fresher take on the saturated tartan trend and is very similar to Stella McCartney's recent tartan garments.

Since filling in a university questionnaire, I managed to bag myself a £30 H&M voucher which is such an uplifting occurrence as a student, I was dead chuffed and definitely think I will be filling out more questionnaires from now on!
It crossed my mind to wait for the H&M Christmas sales to whisk this voucher away but when Black Friday hit and H&M had a weekend of 20% off for students, I just couldn't help myself especially as H&M never does student discount. So I trotted over after work and going to Manchester's gorgeous Christmas market and spent £55 pounds on the navy blue coat and bird dress (above) but it was whittled down to a mere £15 after the discount and voucher, the most guilt-free shopping experience ever! Although I am slightly disheartened now because the coat's half price at £20 now, so grab it while you can!

Lastly, I've included a photo of my ASOS Academy boots; my absolute favourite staple Autumn/Winter 13/14 boots. I've literally not taken them off and will be in need of a new pair of boots soon as I've worn them out quite a bit! Here are a few photos of these wardrobe updates in use;

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas tomorrow, I'm so relieved to be relaxing with family and away from all the hustle and bustle for a while, as most of you are too!


  1. I really love that bird dress! It is gorgeous! So nice you've got a H&M voucher! I really like shopping at H&M!
    Merry Christmas, Alex!

    Sofie x
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